Latest Action Figure Projects

Chris Kyle

The Chris Kyle action figure project was done in partnership with Chris Kyle Frog. Brian, Mike and Jennifer from MSE spent a great deal of time working with team members from Chris Kyle Frog and some members of the Kyle family.

The project took over a year to complete.

Chris Kyle box front

Chris Kyle box back

ZERT Juggernaut Sully

Brian Sullivan has been collecting action figures since he was a kid. He started selling them online on eBay in 2004. His online retail shop, BlackOpsToys, launched in 2008 and after that Brian began traveling around to comic cons and toy shows either selling 1/6 scale figures and parts or talking to people about them.

It only seemed fitting that Mission Specific Equipment eventually make a "Sully" action figure based on Brian, so working again with Z.E.R.T. the Juggernaut figure was created. This figure took about a year from inception to production. The idea was an over-the-top figure with every patch and piece that could be added to the figure would be added. The gun with the belt fed bullets has never been created before in 1/6 scale.

Juggernaut box front

Juggernaut box back

Marc A Lee Action Figure

The Marc A Lee action figure project was done in partnership with the America's Mighty Warriors foundation. Brian, Evan and Jennifer from MSE spent a great deal of time working directly with Debbie Lee, Marc's mom, on the creation of this figure. It was one of our longest running projects at over two years, and the figure has just arrived in the United States from our factory.

This figure has Marc's last letter home included in the box, as well as a 1/6 scale Bible. Marc carried a Bible with him everywhere, and tucked it under his best when he was in the field. It is these details done in 1/6 scale as part of the tribute that are very important to us at MSE.

SDS 13 Halo Nuke Team "Scott Wolf"

The SDS 13 Halo Nuke Team figure is based on Scott Wolf, a trainer with the Z.E.R.T. organization. MSE has created a series of Z.E.R.T figures and has been working with that organization since the summer of 2013. Aaron Mauldin and Brian Sullivan have traveled to China together to work directly on the creation of these figures.

The SDS 13 came with a unique backpack bomb that had never been made in 1/6 scale before.

SDS 13 box back

SDS 13 box back

ZERT Z Squadron Sniper Team "Jack Osbourne"

The fourth figure in the ZERT series, is based on ZERT member Jack Osbourne. He worked with Brian and Jennifer at MSE on a gear list and with his head sculpt. We also used this project for a little cross-promotion for Jack's Tactical Dad products.

This figure took about six months from inception to production. The idea for the figure was an urban sniper. All of the ZERT figures have had head sculpts based on real people, and we were very lucky that Jack Osbourne was happy to work with us on this.

Urban Sniper

Urban Sniper back of the box