About Mission Specific Equipment

Mission Specific Equipment is proud to serve the 1/6 scale community. MSE is a family business, started by Brian Sullivan, of BlackOpsToys. Brian loves action figures and collecting them and selling them and what better way to take it to the next level than to create and manufacture them.

The Mission Specific Equipment project members are:

  • J. Brian Sullivan - Creative Project Director
  • J. Michael Sullivan - Financial Director
  • Kit Chen - International Sales
  • Brian Lowy - Sales & Marketing Manager
  • Jennifer Sullivan - Print Materials Artist, Box & Packaging Designer, website development
  • Aaron Mauldin - Project Research & Development

We are also supported by outside professionals who help us fulfill our mission of increasing the 1/6 scale market in the USA. These kind folks are:

  • Erik Schultz - Video Production (www.paperflames.co)
  • Tim Qian - Manufacturing and Molding

The exclusive products we manufacture are licensed from military and gear providers and artistically created as 1/6 scale figures and pieces.

We work with the families of the people we base our figures on (Chris Kyle, Scott Wolf, Marc A Lee, Jack Osbourne, and our recently released Sully, based on Brian himself) and create detailed collectible figures. We work hard to get these figures created, we travel to China and spend time in the factory and develop the ideas and the molds on site.

When MSE works with families and their non-profits a portion of the products or money from the sale of products goes to those charities.